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EFB // Design of demolishing of the Finkenwerder bridge in Hamburg

Aerial view of demolition
Aerial view of demolition
3D view of the reinforcement model and clash control of micropiles

Built in 1970, the existing reinforced concrete structure consists of
two 2-span concrete bridges. They were designed as prestressed girder bridges. The superstructures are supported by two abutments and a central pier. All supports have deep foundations. Due to the girder’s lack of torsional stiffness, they are connected in the middle of the bridge by a massive central cross girder.

Concept design Developed design Technical design Detailed design Abwasserungskonzept

Floor area
Bridge span: 25-38m
Area: 870m²

Recalculation and strengthening of the prestressed concrete bridge for the new deconstruction and transport conditions. Planning of construction aids.