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Cell Phone Towers Masts Antenna Supports

Cell Phone Towers Masts Antenna Supports

CN Europlan: Elevating Telecommunications Infrastructure

At CN Europlan, we specialize in the design, revitalization, and enhancement of telecommunications infrastructure, focusing on masts, antenna supports, and cell sites. Our comprehensive services cater to the creation of new structures, renovation, and retrofitting of old towers, ensuring robust connectivity and enhanced network performance in the face of evolving telecommunications needs.

Revitalization and Retrofitting Projects:

We are at the forefront of revitalizing and retrofitting old towers, including adding new antennas to existing structures and ensuring that all modifications meet current standards and future requirements, thus extending the life and effectiveness of these critical components. Our expert team recalculates existing structures with new loads, ensuring safety and efficiency. From antenna adjustments to thorough load assessments, we guarantee thorough attention to detail. Trust us for reliable recalculations that enhance your projects’ integrity and longevity. Contact us today for unparalleled structural solutions!

Our Expertise Innovative Design and Engineering:

Our expert team brings forward-thinking design solutions and engineering excellence to every project. From designing new structures to the recalculation of existing towers with new loads, we ensure optimal performance and durability for a variety of structures. We design work with all materials and all types of masts – including steel or concrete, monopoles, lattice or framework towers, guyed structures, and rooftop towers. 

Customized Solutions and Advanced Modeling:

We provide tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of each project, whether it’s urban installations, rural settings, or challenging terrains. Our services include the creation of BIM models and digital twins, along with the production of shop and construction drawings, offering a flexible and innovative approach to ensure the best outcomes.

Why Choose CN Europlan?

Comprehensive Services: From the design of connections and structures to the recalculation of towers and the addition of new antennas, our services cover the full spectrum of telecommunications infrastructure needs.  

Sustainability and Innovation: We leverage the latest technology and sustainable practices to meet the demands of modern telecommunications, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing efficiency.  

Proven Experience: With years of expertise in the telecommunications sector, we understand the intricacies of designing, revitalizing, and retrofitting complex telecommunications structures.  

Collaborative Approach: Our collaborative approach ensures that every project is perfectly aligned with our clients’ needs and expectations, from consultation through to ongoing support.  

Our Process Consultation: We start by understanding your specific needs and challenges.  

Design & Planning: Tailoring our designs to meet technical requirements.  

Implementation & Revitalization: Leading efficient execution with minimal disruption.  

Ongoing Support: Providing maintenance advice and support for long-term reliability.

Contact Us:

Enhance your telecommunications infrastructure with CN Europlan. Contact us today to learn how our expert design, revitalization, and retrofitting services can support your project.


  • New structures
  • Renovation
  • Retrofitting of old towers
  • Recalculation with new loads
  • Adding new antennas to existing structures
  • Design of connections
  • Finite element method
  • BIM models
  • BIM modeling
  • Loads assessment
  • Digital twins
  • Shop drawings
  • Construction drawings
  • Mast
  • Cell phone tower
  • Antenna supports
  • Steel structure
  • Steel connections
  • Concrete structure
  • Monopole
  • Lattice tower
  • Framework tower
  • Gueyd structures
  • Rooftop towers