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CN Europlan specializes in a comprehensive range of civil engineering and structural design services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the construction and civil engineering sectors. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing technical excellence, innovative solutions, and high-quality outcomes. Below is an overview of the specialized services we offer:

Structural engineering design

Our service is centered around designing structures that are not only safe and durable but also efficient. We tackle engineering challenges with innovative solutions, ensuring your projects stand the test of time.

Technical consulting in civil engineering

We provide in-depth consulting across all facets of civil engineering, aiming to optimize project outcomes. Through enhancing efficiency and ensuring cost-effectiveness, our advice helps steer projects to success.

Drafting, detailed design and shop drawings

Accuracy in planning is critical, and our drafting services deliver precisely that. With clear, detailed designs and drawings, we guide construction teams, ensuring projects materialize as envisioned.

Building retrofitting and demolition

Our expertise also extends to updating existing structures to meet contemporary needs and safely demolishing buildings when they’re beyond salvage. We prioritize sustainability, focusing on minimizing environmental impacts.

Building physics

Improving the environmental performance of buildings is another area we excel in. By optimizing for thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and acoustics, we contribute to creating healthier, more sustainable living spaces.

BIM models, coordination, consulting, optimization, BOQ

Utilizing BIM technology, we bring a new level of precision to project visualization, coordination, and management. This approach leads to more accurate budgeting, scheduling, and ultimately, project success.

Digitization of existing buildings

Transforming existing buildings into detailed digital models facilitates better management and planning. This service allows for efficient building adaptation to future needs.

Multidisciplinary design of buildings

Our approach to design integrates architectural, structural, and MEP expertise, ensuring comprehensive solutions. This method guarantees cohesive and efficient outcomes for all project requirements.


High-quality visualizations are crucial for clear communication. We produce detailed views of proposed designs, aiding decision-making and ensuring a shared vision among all project stakeholders.